Kingdom of Aldynn


The Kindgom of Aldynn, a place of history and authority, exists on the narrow bridge of land that connects two larger continents. A thousand years ago, amidst chaos and war, Aldynn was decimated. Lands were razed, towns destroyed, and the kingdom that once measured itself by its natural borders, grew smaller and smaller, until only the capitol city of Aldynn remained.

Backed by the defensive magics of the Tridiscus Librarium, Aldynn staved off utter annihilation. Two hundred years passed before they ventured outside of their walls. Everything that they knew had changed.

Slowly, carefully, under the guidance of ruthless Kings, Alynn began expanding its borders. The land no longer matched the maps of the area. Flat open fields lay where towering forests had once stood. Rivers had changed their winding courses, and mountains had eroded into hills while some hills grew into mountains that dominated the sky.

The Three Jewels

Three-hundred and fifty years ago, Aldynn discovered Partheas. Each signed a treaty declaring the other as allies. It wasn’t until the War of that Partheas became a vassal to Aldynn. Recently, Greggor Aldynn, the aged but current monarch, added the city of Chronoir to his kingdom when he married Persephone.

Threshfire Plains

In the heart of the kingdom is a vast veld, an open grassland that spand hundreds of miles. Dangerous beasts inhabit it and so do a tribe of fierce nomads that call themselves the Hon Ye (Horse Tribe).


Magic has had a varied history in Aldynn. It has been both banned and legalized. Currently practitioners of magic need a permit to use magic in public. With two more cities under the Kingdom’s banner, Magic is still viewed with suspicion by the majority of the populace.

“Stay to the Roads”

The roads that lead to each of the major cities (Aldynn, Chronoir, and Partheas) have been enchanted to keep travelers safe. The roads have a kind of threshold that is difficult but not impossible to push through- and the larger the creature the less it has to worry about the thresholds. Nor will the threshold keep out projectiles. The roads aren’t completely safe- just safer than not being on them.

The Royal Family

King Greggor Aldynn- The current reigning monarch. In his youth he was a powerful hero. Now, at age 66, he is frail and his health is failing. Most people don’t believe he will make it through the winter.
Queen Persephone, of Chronoir- The queen who has managed to keep her stark beauty. It is widely known that after the king passes, she and her sister will return to Chronoir to live out their remaining years.
Prince Greggor Aldynn II- The oldest Prince, age 31. He’s on his second marriage. His first wife, Taboryn, and child died under suspicious circumstances during childbirth. Now, two years later his second wife is pregnant and it is rumored that he is afraid. As it stands, he is currently in charge of Aldynn.
Prince Giovanni Aldynn- Age 27. He is widely suspected of being weak, gay, and a wastrel. Currently living in Partheas, much to his dismay.
Princess Penelope- Age 25. Openly calls herself Queen of Chronoir and the people there appear to go along with it. Darker rumors indicate that she might be going crazy with all the pressure and responsibilities
Aaron Aldynn- Younger brother to Greggor, the First. He has been imprisoned for the last sixteen years after rumors of coup began appearing all over the city. His twin sons are allowed to visit him.
Priscilla Titimi- Younger sister to Persephone. She lives with her sister in Aldynn, due to the treaty of handing all of the power over to Greggor, who then parsed it out among his children.
Bastard Jake aka Black Jake- (Half-Elf) Born of a dalliance between Greggor Aldynn the First and a slave, he was given to a merchant family to raise as their own. Once he turned eighteen he was presented with the truth and some money to really begin his life. He reportedly did not take the money but attended the Grinder. Now he is known as a troublemaker, quick with the rapier and tendencies towards dangerous ambitious.

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