Character Creation

Characters will be built using the following guidelines:

Class: Any class
Race: Any race from the PHBs (1 and 2), other races available with DM approval. However the races will appear in diminishing numbers with the races from the PHB 1 being the most commonly seen on down.
Ability Scores: Any array, or you may use the point-buy system with DM approval on final results
Home brew Rules: These rules are of my own creation, drawn from a variety of sources for a better game.

Background: In a addition to selecting a background from the character builder, a player gets one open slot for an encounter power that can be gained from schools or affiliations. There is only a single slot, so if a player manages multiple affiliations it only means that they have access to switch out which current encounter power they have.

City- Aldynn:

City- Chronoir:

City- Partheas:

Guild- Alown Son Gaka: The group of viligante Goliaths from T’giath spread their own brand of lethal justice when the law appears to have been circumvented. Their talent lies in using their stone skin to hunt down and destroy their quarry.
Bonus Encounter Power- Like a Rock Move Action – Make a Charge attack. If Stone-skin is active then you may charge through enemy squares without provoking attacks of opportunity. This charge attack does not end your turn.

Guild- Brute Squad of Aldynn: The Brute Squad knows that power is to be used and feared. The strong lead the weak with rod lest they turn from the path of righteousness.
Bonus Encounter Power- Merciless Move Action – The next basic attack you make against a bloodied enemy this turn is a critical hit. You may not “tone” down the damage.

Guild- City Guard of Aldynn: The City guard was a noble and efficient organization. They believed in honor, justice, and integrity. Applied force means knowing the right time and the right tool to do the job.
Bonus Encounter Power- Knowing When the Time is Right Move Action – All attacks made this turn gain the Reliable keyword.

School- Dacharde’s: The Bardic College isn’t just about music, obscure knowledge, and magic- it’s also about fun. This school, even more than some of the other Bardic colleges, prizes fun and a sense of wonder over power.
Bonus Encounter Power- Grand Performance Move Action – Teleport up to 3 squares. Close burst 5 before and after the teleport: All enemies grant combat advatange until the end of your next turn, you and one ally gain 5 temporary hit points.

School- Glass Tower, The: The Glass Tower is concerned with developing students mental faculties. They believe that all people have access to great power if they could only find the key.
Bonus Encounter Power- An Open Mind Choose a psychic ability from the table in the Dark Sun book.

School- Grinder, The: The Grinder makes its students tougher, pushing their limits. Fighting, marching, even standing until they drop.
Bonus Encounter Power- Third Wind Standard Action – Functions as an additional Second Wind.

School- Grove of Growth, The: The Grove of Growth is less about rules and honor and more about the savage law of the wild.
Bonus Encounter Power- Unleashing the Beast Move Action, Personal. Any attack you make this turn gains a +1 to the attack roll and +5 to the damage roll.

School- Northpoint Academy: The Academy at Northpoint is a place where officers hone their leadership skills.
Bonus Encounter Power- Redeployment Move Action, Close Burst 10. You and all allies within the area of effect may shift up to 6 squares.

School- Shadowed Door, The: The Shadowed Door knows what you are capable of, and it gives you the tools to take care of business.
Bonus Encounter Power- Orb of Darkness Move Action, Close Burst 1, The area fills with a magical inky blackness that only you can see through. Any attacks against you while you are in the cloud are made as if the opponent is blind. It dissipates at the end of your next turn.

Temple of a Thousand Gods, The: The Temple of a Thousand Gods encourages the worship of all the gods. Most priests are dedicated to one god but associated with one of the god’s allies.
Bonus Encounter Power: Open the Conduit Move Action, Personal. Refresh any spent Channel Divinty powers. You may spend another Channel Divinity power this encounter.

School- Tridiscus Librarium, The: The Tridiscus Librarium is only really interested in helping Wizards. Most other magic-using students are considered second-class citizens at best, though more powerful practitioners are of course powerful allies.
Bonus Encounter Power- Arcane Transfer Move Action, Exchange a prepared spell for a different one of an equal level. The new spell must already exist in your spell book.

Feats: Any time that a character gains a feat, they gain one additional feat

Skills: There is a new skill list that includes 46 different skills/skill variations. I understand what 4E was trying to accomplish but as our group(s) regularly run at 6+ people, I have changed the system. The new list can be found here: New Skills.

The way the new skills work has changed. No longer will you wonder what the difficulty for something is. It has been standardized as follows:
Very Easy- DC 5
Easy- DC 10
Medium- DC 15
Hard-DC 20
Very Hard- DC 25
Near Impossible- DC 30
Impossible- DC 40
Godlike- DC 50+

In addition, you can no longer auto-fail on a roll of a 1. So if your skill level beats the DC, no roll is needed. You have adequate skill to achieve the task at hand.

Training will give you plus three to a skill check instead of normal five. However it will also give you a specialization within the field itself, which will grant an additional bonus.

Specialties will give you a plus two to a trained skill but only within a narrow field.

Example- Survival: Navigation gives you plus three to those rolls, and then a specialty. The character in question is a desert nomad and chooses Deserts for their specialty earning an additional plus two, for a total of plus five

Ranks will give you a plus one to a skill check for each rank you have in it. Ranks simulate what characters learn in the field. A character starts with X ranks to distribute amongst their trained and untrained skills and will gain an additional one a level.

To continue the previous example, the aforementioned Desert Nomad decides that they MUST be able to survive in the desert in nearly any condition because it makes sense for their character, the weak having been culled long ago. Decided that they need at least a total of a fifteen to do what they want, they put a whopping ten ranks into the Survial: Navigation skill. Now anything that is medium difficulty or under no longer needs a roll, unless negative penalties drop the skill below the threshold.


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