The Broken Cycle

From the mind of Artinas (Week 1)

It seems that I may be at the beginning of a new life of adventure, and I’ve decided to take note of my escapades with my new found companions in hope that if something does happen to me along the way, my family, friends, and whoever might care to take notice, will be able to look back on what we did and know that it was for a good cause. I’ll never be known as the most responsible of individuals, nor would you expect to see me doing anything most would consider “heroic”, but the state of the city of Aldynn, the city I call home, the city I grew up in, and the city I love, calls for uncharacteristic actions.

I’ve had a desire for change for some time now, but like most have been unwilling to do anything about it. The catalyst that set me off was that faithful afternoon when the abomination that will haunt my dreams forever, and its purpose, were revealed in the middle of town. I’ve never been one to utter treasonous words, but I must ask myself, what kind of insane King would allow such a horrendous creature to be placed in his own city? After the revealing, an all out gang war started right in the middle of the square, and I was forced to fight my way to safety. I quickly joined forces with Samal, a Tiefling Bard acquaintance of mine, and fought alongside a few others that were seemingly capable and willing to help us survive the encounter.

After what seemed like an eternity, we finally managed to clear out the area and subdue one of the Black Spirals involved in the fight. We headed to the closest abandoned building we could find in order to interrogate him and attempt to get some information, but unfortunately he seemed to know very little about what was going on. While interrogating the Black Spiral, an Elf slave by the name of Yellendell found us and informed us that his master, Grey Valis, was looking for us and he had tracked us to this location using some sort of magic. I was a bit worried that someone would be able to find us so easily but we had more important things to take care of at the time and promised him we would give our answer the next day. A few of our party decided to take the Black Spiral to the guard and me and Samal decided to keep our distance and meet back up with the others later at a local tea house.

We met later at the tea house and I got a chance to better get to know my unexpected companions. Brandis, a former Captain of the guard, who last I had heard lead his former party into an ambush. He seems to be a good general so hopefully his claim that he was fed false information is true or it could be the end of our ragtag group. Yall’paka(SP?), an overly friendly Goliath, nephew of a local blacksmith, searching for his lost family, and Nesir, the detective hired to help find them. Morgan the Mage who’s interests in this matter elude me, but is a formidable user of what seems to be Frost elemental magics and will undoubtedly be useful if we plan to make any real changes. And of course my “friend” Samal, who I sometimes worry would rather make some money selling me into slavery then help make this town a better place. I’ll have to watch my back around her.

We decided as a group to see what Grey Valis wanted with us, hoping in return we could gain some insight on what exactly that “thing” that we saw uncovered was. But that left us with the remainder of the day to kill, and a few more questions that we wanted answers to. Brandis commented that one of the men fed to the abomination was the guy that fed him the false information that led his party to its demise, so we decided to start there and attempt to figure out what his part in all of this was. We found out the name of his favorite drinking place, The Purple Minotaur, and when we got there the place was in shambles. We didn’t get much information out of the people there except that he was involved in some of the illegal underground Thrajjit games that happened to be being played right under the tea house we had just come from. So we decided to go check it out and see what we could find.

We gained access to the underground Thrajjit arena and when it seemed we wouldn’t be able to get anyone to talk, Brandis threw down a challenge to the currently practicing team, in what I could only assume was a hope that if we showed them our ability, they would be more willing to give us the information we needed. He bet all of his money on our victory, and his confidence in our team to win was purely inspiring and even convinced me to bet some of my own few remaining gold pieces. Their leader accepted our challenge and with a bit of time to go over the rules, we were set to play Thrajjit.

The game was over almost as quick as it started. With Brandis leading the way and some excellent teamwork and maneuvering, we quickly trounced the other team and showed them just what we were capable of. There was a bit of foul play from their team, in what I can only assume was a show of frustration at being beat by a group of people who had never played before, but after the match their leader came out and congratulated us and paid his part of the prize. He then introduced himself as Corimander and was very accommodating to any questions we had of him. Unfortunately he didn’t have the answers we were looking for, but he promised to keep and ear out and hopefully he will be able to get us some better information in the future.

At this point we decided to break for the night, get some well needed and deserved rest, meet back up for breakfast in the morning, and get ready to meet Grey Valis.

And here I am, a seemingly changed individual with heroic aspirations, when all I really want is for me and Aldynn to be left to our devices. I’m beginning to understand what my parents meant when they said, “Just because you close your eyes, doesn’t mean nothing happens.” It’s time to take a stand. It’s time to open my eyes and see the world around me. It’s time for change.



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