Tridiscus Librarium

Ancient. Mysterious. Magical.

The Tridiscus Librarium is a library and a magical college. It is also much more than that. It holds the sum of the accumulated knowledge from more than a thousand years ago.

All of the teaching and learning that goes on there is based around traditions that span back thousands of years. Magic is a volatile force and knowing how to use it safely is the goal of every student. The Tridiscus is not a place for creativity which can lead to any number of unforseen circumstances. Instead students learn the rote magics of the past that the truly great wizards passed down.

Focus: Repetition and Tradition
Primary Candidates: Wizards, Alchemists
Secondary Candidates: Sword Mages, Warlocks (Celestial Pact)
Tertiary Candidates: Bards


Notes: 7 year cycles of Mastery, each requiring a minimum of seven years of study.


The majority of the Tridiscus Librarium floats on the surface of the Immense, three long, flat rings, with interconnecting passages. The outer walls are made from giant porous blocks of stone, nicknamed floatstone by Aldynnians. The stone neither corrodes, nor even seems to get wet.

Boasting of one-hundred, sixty seven individual rooms, and numerous alcoves, closets, and hidden chambers, the Tridiscus Librarium is a wonder of the ancient world.

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Historical Wizards
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Tridiscus Librarium

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