The Broken Cycle

Journal 1

Monday, Year of our lord blah-who-cares, First of Summer
There is a gathering happening in the square. Convinced Luthar and Alex to play. It’s been getting harder and harder for Luthar to get out of the house, and Alex is hitting me up again for money. I thought they gave those things away. We got idiot Anders to play pan-pipes. What he calls “dancing” is hilarious. Wrote a song about Artinez.

I don’t even know how to describe what happened today in the square. It started out jolly enough, but this overwhelming feeling of dread settled itself right in my heart, and I…
The brute squad unveiled this horrible thing, all gnashing teeth and smacking lips. The maw, they called it. They threw men into it. Men who “looked suspicious” or were “out past cerfew.” Petty theft isn’t even a hangable offense, but they killed those men for less. And then the black spirals came out of now where, and everyone was running, getting trampled or striking out at each other randomly. Luthar and Alex ran, Artinez stopped his dancing, and he and I started fighting. We aren’t much for a brawl, but we saw the crowd clearing out a circle, and saw Jalk’s nephew in the middle of it, and made our way there. He was with Brandis Brightblade. The brute squad and that damned heifer of theirs made matters worse, attacking anyone in their way. We got a hold of the man who started the riot, and eventually acquired a wizard who smelled thoroughly charred and made our way into a shop. The others started interrogating them, but Artinez and I know a bit too much about being grilled and left out the side door.
That thing, though. That gaping mouth in the middle of the city… Its angles were all wrong. It hurt my head to look at it. I don’t think it’s a natural thing. The people I met today agree.

Actually got an audience with Corimander! That was exciting, though we had to play thrajjit against the team he put together. I’m no good at throwing. Brandis and Yalpaca were fine at it, and of course Artinez could an apple through a drain spout, no problem. I spent my time retrieving pins and passing them off to the better players; so did Morgan (that wizard). Also, I caught one of their ilk cheating. Called him out on it, too. We’re leaving the city on request of Corimander, to find a friend of his, so we got Artinez a freeman’s sword. Brandis asked Corimander to look into who framed him. I’m not sure that’s what happened, honestly.



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